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How to Create Your Own Free Artist Web Page


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If you are a registered user, you can create albums in the online gallery.  An album is your own “exhibit room” in the online gallery where you can display photos of your artwork.

Each album you create will have a:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Summary
  • Keywords
  • Description
  • Your artwork collection

The Name becomes the the tail end of the unique URL for your album.  Keep this short and avoid special characters.  Lowercase is the convention.  For example, if your album is named “Sculpture By Jane”, the web address (URL) will become “”.  Since spaces are not allowed, they are converted to “+” symbols.

The Title will be displayed at the top of your album page.  This should be fairly short; usually a few words describing what is in the album.   You are allowed to have more than one album, so you can organize your collections accordingly.  It is best to keep this generally descriptive of your artwork in this particular album only.  It will help people find you on web searches.

The Summary can be a bit longer.  Use this to provide more detail.  Again, this will increase your public visibility.  Typically this is anywhere from a few words one sentence.

Keywords are not visible, but are searchable.

The Description provides the detail about the album and artist.  This can be up to a few paragraphs.  Within this field you can provide a link to your website and have the ability to do some basic “mark ups”, like the use of bold and italic.  Mark up is optional and is done using BBCode, which is similar to HTML, but simplified.

After creating an album, you can upload photos of your artwork collection.  Each photo also will have its own Name, Title, Summary, Keywords, and Description.  There are many advanced features to explore that give you the capability of creating a custom look to your album.  Once you’ve completed the album you’ll have your own free artwork web page with a unique address (URL) you can share as widely as you wish!

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