Deena Goldstein – Acrylic, Digital, Mixed Media Art

I have a passion for creating what moves and inspires me…people I meet, experiences I have and life. My greatest joy is painting, my second greatest joy is people connecting with my work. I create in digital, acrylic and multimedia.
Bright and bold colors are rhythmicly placed on the canvas with dots or dabs of acrylic paint to create images. Her work is often referred to as a modified pointillism. Subjects are figurative or abstract. Denise prefers painting what she calls “Face Art” and desert landscapes. Her unusual paintings are always based on photographs. Commissions are welcome.

Focusing on musical rhythms makes for steady dabbing as a pointillist. Transforming my white canvas into the playground for an imagery-induced trance is my objective. The painting process of dabbing and dotting is actually simple and can seem mundane or monotonous to a viewer. However, a musical beat keeps me on task to create uniform marks with each stroke and I am happily at work.
Custom paintings of the special people,
animals and memories of your life.

Lasting Impressions by DL Wagner
Paintings Of The Special Poeple, Pets, Places And Treasures In Your Life
Paintings and Website Design by Dottie Mitchell

ottie is a member of Phoenix Artists Guild, Arizona Art Alliance, West Valley Arts Council. She is also a member of Art League West. Her work is displayed at the Palm Valley Rehab Center. Occasionally she is showing in the Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce. Watch for her booth at the Spring and Fall Arts Festival in Litchfield Park.
Douglas Towne – A Light From the Past: More Art About Buildings, Maps and Roads

Douglas Towne’s floating montages incorporate maps, photos and matchbook covers to shed light on the history of places and highways in the Southwest. Other pieces, such as “Where Your Dollar Goes Further–Literally,” explore the often hidden impacts of commercial homogenization on our communities.
Paintings, drawings and prints by Edna Dapo.

Edna Dapo is an international artist who resides in Scottsdale, AZ. She has been painting for twenty years and has won numerous awards. Her work has been selected for NEW AMERICAN PAINTINGS, Volume 70, and is on the cover of American Art Collector.