Christina Echeverria’s Artwork

Collective art work and life of up and coming artist, Christina Echeverria.

A visual treat!

Rapidly spreading on silk, transparent dyes cause the artist to swiftly create the painting with spontaneous action. My painting process is similar to a jazz musician; I begin with a general vision in mind, sketches alongside, and I go with the flow, capturing the mood of the day, trusting my experience to improvise.

One man’s view of the world and himself.

Fine art photography by CM Wolett.
Masterful landscapes in oils, both plein-air and studio work. one of the best artist websites around. Also classes and prints.

Cody DeLong has been a cornerstone of the Jerome arts scene for 17 years now and is one of the town’s most accomplished oil painters. His style is often described as ‘luminous’ and upon entering his Jerome studio, one is struck by the beautiful sense of light and color in his work. There is also an array of subject matter and painting techniques on display, as he lives the mantra “Experiments lead to insights”.
I am a bead artist working with 2 and 3 dimensional work.

The nature of my art varies from time to time, but it always involves beads. I love beads, I collect beads, I hoard beads and purchase many beads with no idea of how I will use them. The colors, the textures and how they come together, draws me in every time.

I was born in Chicago, IL and through various adventures have ended up in Surprise, AZ. I have lived here since 2004. My art has developed in this desert state, capturing the southwest flare, contemporary designs and nature’s beauty.

Working in this unique medium has provided printed media attention through newspapers, domestic and international magazines. In addition, being a juried artist with several art organizations has brought honors to my work with awards from various shows. Additional honors include work

I have a strong belief in helping each other in our community. Doors open unexpectedly and have drawn me to organizations such as Eve’s Place (battered women shelter) and the Foundation for Blind Children. I have donated art, taught classes and have been a soft shoulder to listen when the need arises. I also am a volunteer within multiple art organizations. This is where I contribute my 30 years plus of business experience. The need is so great to create, promote and share art with everyone. Working with these art groups you become a constant promoter and communicator for the support and growth of art.
Fine art, Architectural, and Commercial Photography.

Cornerstone Photography is owned by photographer Shaun Kurry and is based out of Phoenix Arizona.