Ben Patterson is a chalk pastel artist and painter who currently resides in Gilbert, AZ. Originally an Arizona native, Patterson earned his BFA in Painting at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Patterson currently is self-employed as a fine artist.

Ben Patterson’s pop surrealist style mixed with his phenomenologist ideology produce imagery that relates to stories within all of us. Many works juxtapose high realistic imagery with low stylized drawings to symbolize erratic thought alongside an experienced feeling. Patterson’s art comments on social ideologies, pop culture, environmental issues, humor, and just plain aesthetics. The Humanoid characters or figurative representations, belong to no one specific gender or race. Animals are often used because they too are a common object that is uniquely different by experience. Social ideologies and interactions are sarcastically highlighted, as society progresses, so will these viewpoints.
Mixed-media on canvas.

Beth Ames Swartz has had over 70 one-person art exhibitions including a solo show at The Jewish Museum in New York as well as three major traveling museum exhibitions. She received the Governor’s Individual Artist Award in 2001 in Arizona, and a retrospective of her work was mounted in 2002 at The Phoenix Art Museum, with a monograph about her work co-published by The Phoenix Art Museum and Hudson Hills Press. Swartz was honored in New York in 2003 by the Veteran Feminists of America for her outstanding contribution to the Arts nationally.
The Art of Beth Cornell. Acrylic paintings by Beth Cornell, a member of Art League West.

As a self-taught acrylics artist, Beth has achieved International recognition. Locally, Beth’s success comes in the form of exhibition, commissions, sales, and development grants.

Beth’s art is viewed as a creative journey or process. Ordinary and extra-ordinary, visionary and modern, her art engaging every step along the way.
Bob Estrin Photography

Two of my great passions in life are travel and photography. Though my photography I seek to document my own personal experiences. Photography is the medium of choice for my creative expression. I am still excited about the power and magic of photography and its ability to capture my own unique selective perception of the moment in a form that I can share with others.
Bobby Harr’s “Cooking With Glass”.

I create fused & kiln formed glass Judaica and Art Objects. Pieces
that are more than just fused glass, but glass that is infused with
vibrant color and life. For the twenty years that I have lived in Arizona, I have described myself as Colorful as the Desert Sky at Dusk. Now I create art that evokes those same emotions.
Bonnie Cheney paints with acrylic, oil, pastel and watercolor. She reside in Phoenix AZ.

Bonnie Cheney paints with acrylic, oil, pastel and watercolor. She reside in Phoenix AZ.