A Phoenix born artist whose style can best be described as Neo-culturalism.

My name is Arthur Owsley, My life has been spent in dedication to bettering my art. When looking at my body of work, one would notice all of the recurring subjects and images. Owls, jellyfish, dragonflies, cicadas, feathers, and bones are only a few of the images that I use to create my compositions. There is purpose to this: each character, each subject, and each image is decorated as a religious figure.

This is where I draw my influence: The importance of religious and cultural art. It’s development and repetition throughout history is what I try to exemplify in my work. By combining different cultural and religious symbols, figures, and patterns with modern schemes and styles I imbue an existential importance to the subject matter.

I have an underlying goal in my life when it comes to my work.: I think that legacy is an important concept to any artist, my aspiration for my legacy is a little different from what others may be. If I were buried in a crypt with my body of work and was discovered in the distant future, I would want historians to be able to decipher the narrative and themes hidden in the religion of my work.
Southwest landscapes in watercolor, acrylic and oil.

Paintings of the southwest landscapes and contemporary southwestern life in watercolor, acrylic and oil.
Commissions and wholesale accounts welcome.
Southwest Art
Specializing in oil paintings of the southwest both studio and plein air. Commissions available. Also pet portraits.

Barbara Donahue:
Plein air Oil paintings of the southwest and still life art.
Contemporary Southwest & Social Commentary Paintings and Drawings

Contemporary Southwest & Social Commentary Paintings and Drawings

A member of Arizona Watercolor Association, Barbara has a lovely on-line portfolio which is well worth visiting.

Barbar Palmer, watercolor artist. Styles include floral and Southwestern themed paintings.

View the Phoenix artist’s evolving creative work of in various 2-D media.

Drawings and paintings by artist and retired art teacher Barry Farmer.