Specializing in paintings that are created from a single continuous line that does not cross itself.

-Custom Art

A unique and original style. Buy direct from a local Arizona artist.

Xandriss is an artist who has been painting and selling her artworks in the Valley of the Sun since 1999. She is known for her single line style where she uses one continuous line to make up the whole finished painting. The line twists and turns and sometimes changes in color and thickness, but never crosses over itself. Her works are colorful and bright and generally focus on things she finds beautiful and positive. Vincent Van Gogh is a major influence and inspiration of hers.

She lives in her hometown of Mesa, AZ with her husband and their four children. Her husband, Bruce Cormier is also an artist.
Zarco Guerrero makes masks, sculptures and paintings.

Zarco Guerrero has been producing masks, sculptures and paintings for the past 30 years. Born and raised in Mesa, Arizona, the artist is world renown and has been awarded many accolades.