Doing business as SmartAz Photography, Tony does both commercial and artistic photography.

Tony Blei has an interesting collection of photographs of people in public places.
Stories on canvas, in acrylic, goauche, oil and ink painted by a girl who lives her life in technicolor.

Tracy Perdue is a self taught artist living in Arizona with her 2 geriatric cats. Working in primarily Gouache and Acrylics, and focusing on art that suits her aesthetic, appealing to the low brow; artists, poets, the unique and others of a dubious nature.
Conceptual one-of-a-kind, sculptural sterling silver jewelry, hot forged steel wall pieces and functional art, and oil paintings.

Valerie Ostenak is an award-winning jeweler and an artist blacksmith & silversmith. She creates jewelry and sculpture inspired by nature and women’s form.

Vicki Lev Watermedia
A member of the Arizona Artists’ Guild and the Arizona Watercolor Association, Vicki Lev’s works include watercolor paintings and the use of watercolors with mixed media.

For me, art is a reflection of the world as seen by the artist. It is the stretch of visual reality, and an invitation to become involved in the artwork… strive to simplify, abstract & sometimes distort what the camera might see.

Morrow, Vickie: Mosaic artist
Vickie makes handmade tile art mosaics from table tops, stools, mirrors to making the tile creating the mosaic and installing kitchen, bathroom and bar backsplashes.

Vickie Morrow
Designer; clay, tile and mosaic Artist
Vickie Morrow specializes in designing and creating one-of-a-kind art tile and mosaic designs for residential and commercial use. Work includes design, hand building the art tiles, fabrication and installation of custom, site specific art tile mosaics.
Mesa, Arizona abstract painter Wahid Nahle.

“If you take the colors of Vincent Van Gogh and the faith of William Blake, add the loose, abstract freedom of Vassily Kandinsky, and spread the results liberally on canvas you would have painting by Wahid Nahle. This brilliant young painter produces an intuitive, positive art Filled with celebration of life and hope. The viewer, swimming in color, energy and mystery of his message is lifted by cosmic forces to a higher level of feeling, understanding and joy.”
–Glendo Bolick, U.S.A