Digital fine art prints on cotton rag paper.
Hand signed.
Current series is “enlightened art” featuring quotes that inspire the viewer to look within.

After spending 20 years as a graphic artist, I felt the need to artistically express myself on a personal level. Being a graphic artist, the computer is my medium of choice. My art is created using my photographic images blended and layered with the brushes and painting tools of Photoshop and Illustrator. My prints are fine art giclées on cotton rag paper that are hand signed. My ultimate wish is that the images I have created will inspire and intrigue you, and that the words infused into my art will resonate with you on a meaningful level.
Painter and photographic artist.

I am inspired by design: graphic, architectural, object, interior, and the combinaton of color and texture. My eye is drawn to the details, the spiderweb in the corner of a door, the numbers on the face of an old pocketwatch. Photography and painting are the devices with which I display my design sense.
Specializing in a variety of mixed media art work.

“Sol & Soul Arts”(Sun & Soul)
Mixed Media Art by Stephanie Ringler
Stephen Moody’s exploration of the male and female form through abstract art is driven by the desire to capture the beauty of a simple curve, a sensuous line, a dramatic color to heighten the senses; to appreciate the body as something perfect, pure and incredibly beautiful, as a work of art.

Stephen Moody is an artist and Master Professional Photographer with over 35 years of experience. He specializes in one of a kind Fine Art Portraits. “It all starts with an idea – your idea – my idea…..and we build from there to create an amazing work of art
of your best friend!” says Moody.
Made in the Shade Kaleidoscopes
“We don’t stop playing because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop playing .” Enjoy!

Artist Steve Failows has taken a popular toy often found in gift shops and transformed it into a collectable art form sold in exclusive galleries around the country.
Photographer Susan Strom: The Lightning Lady.

Susan Strom
Susan Strom, known in the Southwest as the “Lightning Lady”, is a photographer who specializes in wild weather, particularly lightning, of the Arizona Desert. Severe weather powered by the North American Monsoon is her favorite target, although she is also drawn by some of the compelling and more mysterious images of the American west. She has photographed severe weather in 10 states.