Bold, Dynamic Acrylic Paintings.

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Assemblage/Mixed-media Constructions

Assemblage/Mixed-media Constructions
Scarlett Decker is an area contemporary artist who holds an MFA in painting/assemblage.
Sculpture and painting by Tempe, AZ artist Scott McNeill

“Linear Perception is so limited in it’s ability to grasp ‘higher’ truths. What I’m doing with my painted sculpture is developing a new visual language to reach beyond the boundaries of time, space and solitary perspective.”
– Scott McNeill

When his Peace Corps service ended in September of 1994, Scott was invited to apprentice relief woodcarving in the workshop of a renowned Honduran woodcarver and worked there for an additional two years. Scott learned quickly. He began painting his carved sculptures, and the town’s artisans recognized him for having ‘una gracia’ (a gift).

Scott returned to the United States in the fall of 1996, and almost immediately his painted sculptures took a big creative leap forward. He began painting a different level of composition on top of the sculpted figures, resulting in a unique art style of intertwining layers and transcendent subject matter. Scott has been developing and refining this new multiple dimensional art form for more than twelve years now.
Scott P. ‘Doc’ Vaughn
Scott is a local artist and writer.

Scott is a local artist and writer. He and his artist wife Tamera have shown at local venues such as Artlink’ s First Fridays and he has been published online and in select periodicals. Two of Scott’s works shall be featured in the forthcoming “A Life of Ravens”, a collection of SF/F poetry by Alex Ness. His mediums include pen & ink, pencil, and digital color. Among his interests are classic illustrations and movie genres and a severe predilection for “Doctor Who”. Scott is available for freelance illustrations and commissions, and he also has two novels currently seeking publication and one self-published short-story anthology set in his “Hero-Lore” universe.
Arizona artist Shain LaBarge.

Shainbird’s pained color brings life to a room.
The paint does flow in many different forms, media and points of interest in my studio. Have many examples of work on the site pages. Ranges from portraits of your pet to the children in appropriate colors. Also surrealistic form of shapes and colors to add a style to your room.
Fine art , murals, custom Paint, Sculptures.

Fine art , murals, custom Paint, Sculptures.
I will paint anything that will stay still long enough. Many differnt syles and media.