Fine art photography.

At ten Szabo received a Brownie camera photographed family and friends on the beach, beginning her first series. Deeply influenced by the idea of History, Szabo received a BA/History from Virginia Commonwealth University, also completing all formal photographic studies offered. The first portraits were of herself and family, which were published in 1979, (In/sights: Self-Portraits by Women). She has recieved numerous grants and awards from public art commissions. In 1989, she received a grant from the Phoenix Arts Commission to document the construction of the new airport. While watching this enormous construction process for two years, she compared it to the building to the Great Pyramids calling the series The Golden Section (Slides -). Sky Harbor Terminal four is the modern pyramid, – a result of all humanity’s acquired knowledge of mathematics, engineering, and architecture. Another grant received was through the Tempe Arts Commission to photograph the historical Peterson House. The Arizona Commission on the Arts in 1999 gave her grant to photograph “icons” of Chicano art history. She is presently featured in the Sept/Oct issue of Black and White Magazine.
Szabo is represented by the Victoria Boyce Galleries in Scottsdale, AZ.
PC Goddess: Jewelry and polymer clay art.

PC Goddess is a jewelry and polymer clay art company based in Chandler. Specializes in functional art and beautiful stone/precious metal jewelry.

An interesting body of work including art made with robots.

Max Chandler makes robot generated art,.He designs, builds and programs robots to be tools that increase the mathematical precision of marks and create opportunities for beneficial randomness, making an art that is uniquely 21st century. A strong influence of Asian calligraphy, is evident. The strength and suppleness of the lines reflect many years of study…
I take my life drawings from class, scan them and color them digitally. It is my goal to establish myself online to make a living as a fine artist.

Megan Jonas
Drawing & painting in Sunnyslope, AZ
Still life and landscape paintings by Beth Page.

Oil paintings in a realistic style in the genre’s of plein air landscape and traditional still life. Beth invites you to visit her website to view a selection of her paintings.
Metal sculpture by Larry Prince and Sandy Prince.

We are residents of Arizona and were originally inspired by the work of other artists. Our combined talents offer a wide variety of metal art from large scale abstracts to southwest pieces. We are members of Art League West, Arizona Art Alliance, West Valley Arts Council & East Valley Art Guild. Our work is available in California at Galleria Jan in La Jolla and in Arizona at D. Lyon-Art Gallery in Cave Creek, as well as other galleries and specialty stores throughout Arizona. Private and corporate commission work is always available upon request