Would like to expose and sell my art

Art work, oil paintings,watercolor paintings,black work, high quality prints

The Ice House is a cool space in Phoenix known for hosting interesting special events.

429 W Jackson St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

cehouse Arts in downtown Phoenix
is a premier cultural centre devoted to promoting the Arts and humanitarian causes. Known internationally as a showcase for the avant-garde, the historic Icehouse itself is a true work of art, a rich meld of refined elegance and industrial edge.
The Monorchid
214 E Roosevelt St., Phoenix

In addition to the curated exhibitions, The Monorchid also hosts a variety of other related events such as art competitions and even art classes for your kids. Contact The Monorchid to request information regarding upcoming exhibitions or events, or to discuss having your own work displayed at one of its galleries.
Trunk Space is always looking for avant garde, experimental, and unique performers, musicians, & artists.

1506 NW Grand Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

The Trunk Space is a meeting place for the culturally curious explorer. We’re a place for art, music, experimental theater & performance art, circus side shows, vaudeville, and other creative acts you just can’t pigeonhole.

FineFine Art work for corporate and residential spaces. Also available Fine Art with cultural and social awareness.

Visit the VX Gallery website for contact information.