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Art In Phoenix

ArtInPhoenix.com was first conceived by local Phoenix artists in 2005 and has been online since 2006.  A major website overhaul started in late 2014 and our new format debuted in the spring 2015.  The purpose of the project was to give local emerging artists an online venue for exhibiting and selling their artwork on the web.  This came at a time when there were fewer such resources than exit today but the concept is still relevant, as the popularity of the website has demonstrated.

We now have a more user friendly and visually appealing gallery, which continues to provide web space at no charge to both established and new artists.  The original directory pages, once separated for galleries, artists, art groups, and other categories have been combined into a single directory.  Each listing in the directory is associated with a category, such as artists or galleries.  The directory listings can be displayed by category simply by clicking on the name of the category.  The directory can also be searched by typing relevant information into the search bar.  An advanced search feature supports searching by any field in the directory.


Art In Phoenix is Free!

No fees are charged to artists for creating albums in the Gallery for exhibiting their artwork.  Nor does ArtInPhoenix collect a commission when an artist makes a sale.  While a small amount of advertising revenue is generated by the website, it falls far short of covering the cost of keeping us online.  Please consider donating to the project to help us maintain our presence on the web.


 Credits & Technical Stuff

The main area of the ArtInPhoenix.com website, including the directory pages, use the WordPress platform with a customized theme based on the ColorWay Theme from InkThemes.com.  The gallery portion of the website uses the Gallery2 engine.  Support for Directory comes from the WordPress Business Directory Plugin.  While each of these are distributed under the GNU General Public License, ArtInPhoenix.com as a whole, and most of the website content, is copyrighted by the website publisher, and by the individual artists, art galleries, and other contributors except where noted.  Please respect the intellectual property of all of the stakeholders and do not reuse material found on ArtInPhoenix.com without permission from the appropriate party.

Art In Phoenix is owned by iNetPlanet, llc and hosted by BridgeTown Hosting Co.

Use of ArtInPhoenix.com is subject to our Terms Of Service.  Comments and questions may be directed to our Webmaster.